Cured Salmon Pasta

I received some cured salmon from my brother the other day. So I cut it up, boiled some whole grain pasta, chopped tomato and cucumber and mixed it all with pesto and cream cheese. Delicious!


Fried Left Overs

I had some left over rice from the previous night, and (as always, one might say) precooked chili chicken in the freezer. So I chopped the chicken up, along with some ginger and tomatoes, and threw it into the frying pan with some vegetable oil. Pushed it to the side of the pan and scrambled... Continue Reading →

Four Dishes for One

Starting with sherry rice and going clockwise, we have here; dumplings, sesame soy dip sauce, sausage stroganoff (korvstroganoff), scrambled tomato eggs; and then chicken soup in the middle. I am slow in the kitchen, but this all took less than 45 minutes. The dumplings and chicken did come out of the freezer, though.  The highlight... Continue Reading →

Tomato Soy Sauce

Pasta and sausage, falukorv to be more precise, is one of the easiest and possibly more lame dishes I know. We always fry the sausage slices with just white pepper. My brothers always eat this with ketchup, but I am not that fond of ketchup and it is not very healthy, is it? I will sometimes... Continue Reading →

Pasta with Smoked Pork

Another easy classical pasta dish. You just boil pasta, mix in creme fraiche, add salt and pepper as you wish, and mix in chopped up smoked pork. I highly recommend you eat it with tomatoes.  Again, for variation, pesto is a quick, easy and delicious additament. 

Pasta Carbonara

Boil pasta (of course, whole grain is to prefer~), chop and fry 3-4 strips of bacon per portion, chop veggies. Once pasta is done, add as many raw eggs as portions your are making. Mix over low heat until the eggs have coagulated, add black pepper and the bacon.  For extra sweetness, fry and mix... Continue Reading →

Seaweed Noodles with Cucumber

Seaweed noodles are not what you'd expect from the name. It is a strange ingredient that had almost no calories. I would not recommend eating it raw or without sauce, because that is not too yummy. I tried some things before I found a way to eat it deliciously. First, I boil them in water,... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Tomato Eggs

There are some more things on this plate as you can see, but I will return to that with another picture tomorrow. For now, let's focus on one of my favorite little dishes, that has been a go-to ever since I first tried it. It is originally a Chinese dish, I believe.  The standard is... Continue Reading →

Meat Sauce

A classic. There are several variations you can do; thick with creme fraiche, or thin with water. With or without fresh tomatoes and onion. Italian style with lots of oregano, or Asian style with Chinese soy sauce like this one.   Eaten with whole grain pasta for the health benefits, and chopped green bell pepper... Continue Reading →

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