Soba Soup

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have not been doing a whole lot of new cooking, and thus haven’t had anything new to add to the blog. This summer has been all about the soup, though! Vegetable soup, noodle soup, even potato soup… Well, today, I present you with Soba Soup. 

Soba is a kind of Japanese noodles. They have a bit of a darker color and – as I discovered today – are absolutely delicious. 

For this soup, I chopped up and fried two leaves of Chinese cabbage (salladskål) and half a yellow onion, one after the other. Putting them aside for the time being, I started boiling a couple of medium-sized chopped up tomatoes in chicken broth. The soba noodles were added as soon as it got boiling – they are to be boiled for 5 minutes. Added some vinegar and honey for taste. 

While that boiled, I fried an egg – sunny side up and stop before the yolk stiffens. 

With some 1-2 minutes left to boil, I added the cabbage and onion. Divide this into two bowls, put the egg on top, and you’re good to go!


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