Coconut Lime Chicken

It may not look like much, but rarely have I been this proud of a dish. To describe it with my favorite Korean phrase: 예술이야! It is art! Let me start off with saying that it was entirely improvised. Below is the list of ingredients I hastily put down in my sketchbook after deeming this a success. 

I cut chicken fillets into approx double bite size and chopped up ginger, frying both together in vegetable oil. Before the chicken had gone white on the surface, I added the coconut milk, salsa, lime juice, sherry, pepper and paprika powder. I let it boil on low while chopping bell pepper and preparing the asparagus I would fry and have on the side. 

Some ten minutes after it started boiling, I sprinkled in some dried autumn chanterelles. 

In total, I probably let it boil for 25-30 minutes. I wanted most of the sauce gone; just enough to act as sauce when mixed with pasta on the plate. Of course, I cut some chicken up to check that it was completely cooked before turning the stove off. 

As much as I loved this, there are a few things I took note of for future improvements. For example, I think some chopped fresh red chili would have been great for taste and aesthetics, and some real lime rather than just juice would have done well. I am also thinking wine might do better than sherry. 

In any case! This dish rose to my favorites on the first try, and I will definitely be cooking it again and trying different variations. 


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