Chili Soy Cucumber

The pasta dish is simply carbonara with ham instead of bacon. The bread, we will talk about tomorrow. Today, let’s focus on that cucumber! 

I sliced the cucumber up, as slim as I could manage. Then I put it in that small bowl, and poured over a crushed dried chili fruit, Chinese Soy sauce, mirin, white wine vinegar, sesame oil and sesame seeds. I chopped up some ginger and garlic and added it, too. You can add some brown sugar if you like it sweet. The cucumbers should be submerged, so if necessary fill out with water. Mix and then let set for an hour; enjoy!

I was actually supposed to use fresh chili fruit, and rice wine vinegar instead of white wine and mirin. However, seeing as how those two ingredients were not available to me, I made do with this and it came out good. 


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