Four Dishes for One

Starting with sherry rice and going clockwise, we have here; dumplings, sesame soy dip sauce, sausage stroganoff (korvstroganoff), scrambled tomato eggs; and then chicken soup in the middle. I am slow in the kitchen, but this all took less than 45 minutes. The dumplings and chicken did come out of the freezer, though. 

The highlight of this dinner, I must say, was the soup. I chopped up ginger and put it to boil with vegetable stock and some other spices, including dried chili fruit, before starting on the other dishes. 

Five minutes before I turned the stove off, I added some glass noodles. The chicken, as it was precooked, was simply chopped and added at the end. The flavor came out deep and full; lovely, if I do say so myself. 

Remember even if you are alone, it is entirely possible to make a good meal with several dishes! 


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