Seaweed Noodles with Cucumber

Seaweed noodles are not what you’d expect from the name. It is a strange ingredient that had almost no calories. I would not recommend eating it raw or without sauce, because that is not too yummy. I tried some things before I found a way to eat it deliciously.

First, I boil them in water, as according to instructions on the package. Once I’m happy with the texture, I pour the water away and add Chinese soy sauce, mirin and chopped ginger. If I feel like eating it extra sweet, I use a lot of mirin or sprinkle some brown sugar on it.

The cucumber can be mixed in, or sprinkled on top for better aesthetics. Sprinkled sesame seeds can also lend it a more finished look.

This is a mini dish of its own, really, but I like eating it with fried halloumi cheese and my usual scrambled tomato eggs.


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