Scrambled Tomato Eggs

There are some more things on this plate as you can see, but I will return to that with another picture tomorrow. For now, let’s focus on one of my favorite little dishes, that has been a go-to ever since I first tried it. It is originally a Chinese dish, I believe. 

The standard is two large tomatoes and two eggs. First, mix the eggs together so the white and yellow are not separable. Scramble fry the eggs in your vegetable oil of choice and put aside on a plate. If you wish to have chopped garlic, this is when you add it to your pan. 

Then add the tomatoes, also chopped, and fry in oil. Add quite a lot of your vinegar of choice; white wine and rice have worked good for me. You can add more stuff if you wish, like fish sauce, but I keep it simple. Sometimes I sprinkle some flour over the tomatoes as they fry. 

Once the tomatoes are about done, add the eggs and scramble it all about. And you’re done. 


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